A Few Interesting Facts about Sub Zero Refrigeration

There are few companies in the world with a richer history than Sub Zero refrigerators.  They’ve been responsible for a number of different innovations in the refrigeration industry, and with this they’ve accomplished a number of firsts in developing excellent products.

The following is a short list of some of the significant moments in Sub Zero’s history.

The Founding

Sub Zero was founded in 1945 in Madison, Wisconsin by Westye F. Bakke.  It’s widely believed that Bakke invented the very first free-standing freezer two years prior to the founding of the company.

Freezers and refrigerators have become part of everyone’s home, and it’s difficult to imagine living without them.  Thanks to Bakke and Sub Zero, no one has to.

Secured Wine Coolers

Many wine connoisseurs have large collections that are extremely valuable.  Because of this, Sub Zero decided to make a wine cooler that would also connect to a home security system, thus allowing people to keep their wines cool while also protecting them from thieves.

This is the primary reason why wine collectors with the largest, most valuable collections tend to choose Sub Zero as their wine cooler brand.

Expanding Across the United States

While the brand began in Madison, Wisconsin and is still based there, the company has expanded production as far west as Phoenix, Arizona.  Because their products are so popular all over the country, they’ve also set up authorized repair centers everywhere.

In fact, if you’re looking for Sub Zero refrigerator repair, Key Largo, Florida even has you covered.  There are very few places where you can’t find a Sub Zero repair man if you need one.

The company has a long history with many innovations.  These are just a few of the highlights of a company that has done so much for refrigeration.